Judge Reinaker – Lancaster Court of Common Pleas Doesn’t Care if DV Victims End Up DEAD

Un fucking believable if I end up hurt or dead, I want it on the state’s hands. I want it on Judge Reinkars hands.  If *anything* happens to my children, I want it on the state’s hands – on this Judges hands.  What a bunch of bullshit and unneeded risk. Why, because that is how Lancaster, County PA handles these things.  

Just last week here in Lancaster County, PA a woman was killed by her alleged abuser.  He killed himself and was found in a Walmart parking lot.  I wonder who the judge was on that?

I said it here and I just got off the phone with the Victim Advocate.  Yes, they released a violent drug addict under the…. *Take #10 folks*….guise of “getting help”.  With “conditions”, because fuck knows they ever mattered before.  Why would they now, oh, wait, they won’t.  

Yes, my drug addict husband who assaulted me as well as other multiple other innocent bystanders, who has 2 outstanding warrants in New Jersey  was released on unsecured bail by Judge Dennis Reinaker Lancaster County, PA.

Kleo who has spectacular HISTORY of not following ANY bail conditions was released on an unsecured bail today by this judge.  To quote the MDJ “in my 7 years on the bench I’ve never seen someone violate bail conditions like Kleo”

Kleo who was just found GUILTY of violating a protection of abuse order and sentenced to 3-6 months, time served has managed to bullshit the courts again with his “getting help” shit.

And Judge Reinaker seems a ok with that.  He is the Judge who let him go, know this Lancaster, if you act violent just have your court dates set to this judge.  Works every time! 

Don’t contact the victims…. Kleo has too many to count violations of contacting us.  

Don’t leave the county,..KLeo left the county and state.

Don’t get in trouble…Kleo gets arrested on felony car theft and drugs/hypodermic needle.

Don’t drink or use drugs… Kleo does both.

Don’t violate the PFA…Kleo does many times, threatens that I’m “safe until”, gets’ found guilty but hey, Judge Reinaker doesn’t care.  

Show up for court…. Kleo doesn’t.

But I do.  As a sitting duck to a violent spouse who seems above the law.  Lancaster County, PA has yet again shown it’s lack of concern for victims of domestic crimes and other violence.   

I said it here.  Lancaster County let this man out when they shouldn’t have.  So when he hurts someone or breaks the law, make sure to thank Judge Reinaker.  However, if you are any kind of victim, too fucking bad for you.


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