Incompetency Much?  The Quest To Outsmart The Courts Again.

It’s of no surprise he’s pulling the incompetent card, why not, it worked for him when he beat the hell out of a random person in Baltimore because the guy wouldn’t give him a few bucks.  He chased him, hit him and doused him in gasoline.  I’ve seen the video, it’s chilling to know he threatened to light this poor man on fire.  Thank fuck Kleo didn’t have a lighter on him…

He got away with it.  Yes, he made a plea deal with the state of Maryland.  A felony “NCR” conviction.  Not Criminally Responsible.  He did the crime but “insanity” saved him from jail time.

A healthy dose of my own denial and his crafted manipulation – at the time, I did believe it was just as he wanted me to believe.  He was the victim of his own mind.  I couldn’t fathom a human with the capacity to hurt another at such a barbaric level like this.  Good people don’t do these things.

In retrospect the cropping of drug use reared its head more and more.  That day he beat the hell out of  Mr. G at the gas station, he was smoking spice.  That didn’t stop him from using.  I couldn’t comprehend the loss of the love of my life, the loss of my most profound adult relationship to addiction.  I needed more than anything to be wrong, I wasn’t. Slowly I had to come to terms that I was right, good people don’t do these things.  Maybe there is some good left in the dark corners of who he once was, maybe.  ‘Not good’ things are the predominant undercurrent now a days.

I’m not naïve in the world of addiction.  I knew nothing different growing up, my mother was a drunk and so was a majority of my family.  Violence wasn’t a freak occurrence, it was the norm.   I have been witness to, been on the receiving end of and heard horrific things come out of people so altered it would make your skin crawl.

Even at their worst fueled with the hate filled rage of an alcoholic, I never witnessed violence as raw as what I’ve seen him capable of.  Ever.  My drunk, burley, raised on the streets of Southie uncle still had soul that was worthy of redemption.  He still had remorse.  Never did my family of drunks lack the ability for global responsibly of their own fucked-upness.

This man is motioning for a competency hearing in Lancaster County, PA.  He is brilliant, a level of smart that is not often seen and I’m not a lone person attesting to his brilliance.  He’s fucking smart.

He’s played the system and one uped the system each time.  He knows what to say and how to say it.  He knows ‘crazy’ is the proverbial get out jail free card.  It makes him the victim, poor Kleo only needs “help”.  Please disregard the amassing acts of violence!

That’s as true as it gets.  He needs help, keeping in mind every resource under the sun has been utilized by him, exhausted shoved away when it no longer served a viable purpose.  And .  Did all that “help” really help him?  Sure as fuck did, it helped him to navigate new and exciting ways to manipulate and play the system.

What he needs is jail.  What I need is the target off my back and out of his sights.

This isn’t a matter of if, it’s a definitive matter of when.


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