Who Said Locked Wards aren’t Fun!


Well that didn’t take long before Kleo wound up back in the locked ward now did it.

So lets look at the timeline here:

  • Doing ok. Pretty good husband for the most part until…. stays up with nut job Mom in July.
  • Comes homes, orders “bath salts” to mommys house
  • Says he’s leaving his wife
  • October, days before, he finds out USSA will pay out $60k for his lie about his car
  • Starts drinking, doing whatever and assault me
  • Goes to jail
  • Nutty mom rushes to rescues her son, both set sail in the crazy town sunset
  • Lives with mommy, does more drugs, gets in more trouble and has too many commitments to keep track of.
  • Manipulates the system and me, gets away with everything.
  • Moves back to PA, does ok in his homeless housing until poof, more money comes in.
  • Decompresses, hires hookers, does drug, gets the shit kicked out of him…
  • Gets arrested *again*
  • Of course mommy saves the day! What would we do without someone to enable us anyway.
  • Runs to mommy and lo and behold

Yup, he’s back in the hospital.  I’m sure it’s not his own doing, it never ever is.  Just ask momz.  There are two common denominators here.  Him, of course, and his mother who is seriously whacked – the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Before running back to crazy mom, he was terrorizing my family.  Sending creepy and right up to the line threatening text messages.  After he got a PFA on me and tried to have me evicted from my own home, once we didn’t play into his game he skipped town.

I guess my normal side will always struggle with this crazy reality.  How he gave up an ok life, and a life that he had power and control over how it panned out.  He could have used the supports, he could have not lost himself in this.

Instead, he’s a statistic and a person who failed at the basics of life.

It’s all so very sad for him.

I’ve contacted the Detective and with any luck they will yank his bail and he can find himself in prison – where he really does belong.

Disney anyone?


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