The Voice of My Daughter | Don’t Fuck With My Family, We Are Stronger Than You Know

SK sent out this mass message on FB messenger.  He seemed to have handpicked those to share his vile orchestration of “truth”.  He spoke about my children as though he has had any meaningful relationship, influence or presence in their life.  It wasn’t a public message, those were all just highlighting his instability and crazy campaigns to raise money.  Pony up a buck or two and he would let you drive his shinny new Karma that cost $130,000.

That’s logical.  Man lives in transitional housing but can afford that… hmmm…

But he “loves” these kids.

His love fills them with fear, unknowns and instability.  My biggest fuck up in life is that I let him into theirs.  My children have learned the dance of domestic violence and how to exist near him so he doesn’t get angry.  They know what he’s done.

We were supposed to have a prelim hearing today, the detective asked if my children would testify.  They all said yes.  They will all tell you they love SK but he is not safe, and he is his not healthy.

They have concerns of going against him, fear to testify and make him angry.   I get that.

My daughter, who SK used to gain sympathy, validation and ego stroking recognition in his handpicked FB message.  He capitalized on her, using her personal and private story for gain.  This is again a striking example of psychological and emotional abuse/manipulation.

SK will spin and manipulate but he cannot take credit for strength I’ve earned and my children have earned.

My 12yo wrote this to read at court today, she has to wait though because SK couldn’t make court – he’s still in the hospital (presumably), after whatever altercation he had that landed him in the hospital.

Her words to both SK and the Court:

“You Sir, made me feel unsafe in my own home.  Constant fear rushed through me.  I had 911 on my phone walking home from the bus stop.  And that is not how I want to live.  Not being able to sleep at night, as you are threatening my mother.  You need help.  You have a daughter, your biological child, unlike J, D & Iz, or I.  She needs you.  I thought I needed you. 

I don’t.

Bus she does Kleo.  She needs her father.  You say you want to see her but you make no efforts.  This is all your fault. 

Don’t try to blame my family.”

“People, you are dealing with a psychopath.  I should not have to be here today.  None of us should.  I should be in school getting an education so I can go into Egyptology.  But I am here. 

You manipulated us, or so you tried.

You wanted us for money.  You don’t love us.

Folks, you are not dealing with a regular criminal, you are dealing with a smart person who will try to beat the system.  Please don’t let him.

I am 12yo and I live in fear.  It’s not fair.  I should not have to live like this.  Lock him up so I can stop living in fear that I’m going to get hurt”


My 12yo has more integrity and self-respect than a grown man who attempts to use a fabricated relationship with children.

She is one reason why I have broken my silence.  Why I tell my story.


PS: Fuck you SK.

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