SK showed up again in my life early March.  In fact, I came home to him in my living room.  Unannounced, uninvited, just showed up after not living here for a year and a half.  I mean literally too, I came home and he had let himself in as though all was right with the world.

He seemed ‘off’ but not drunk or high, more off.  He mentioned cough syrup in passing.  Next thing our home is being showered with all sorts of deliveries from Amazon.

Apparently he made bank with a SSDI payment of 100k.  He wanted me to jump on board with the ever growing grand plans.

When “God” started to talk to him, when he said he needed to go to Italy to help exorcise the population that was possessed, I knew my suspicions where valid.

Weeeee, another round of drug induced psychosis.   As much fun as it ever was!

SK did his thing in Atlantic City, he went up to see batshit crazy mom.  Good.

Obviously my fatal flaw was any kind of push back, which I knew was inevitable and I also knew was an incredibly dangerous position to put myself in.  Damned if I did and dammed if I di dn’t.

Crazy K, it isn’t another go around where you call yourself “Lord Baltimore” and everyone is trying to save you from yourself.

I can’t talk to him and tell him go take your crazy money spending, buy your stupid $130k car, because living in a homeless shelter and buying a Fisker Karma with your questionable SSDI bank is ideal….

Why couldn’t I say that to him??? Because in this round of crazy, he done went and filed a PFA on me.  Where he *lied*, told the court he lived here and he cared for *my* children.

I can’t tell him that I’m not playing this game, nope.  He got a PFA on me.

I can’t tell him that he may have spent a week buying out Amazon and thinking that ‘stuff’ would buy off my childrens loyalty and they would somehow bow down to the almighty Kleo.  That it would somehow erase what they went through, how disposable they were until they could be means to “$50k a kid if…” If I would say he provided more than “half their care” since 2013.

As he pays for escorts and buys $130k cars…living in transitional housing.

I got the “fuck” out of his “way”, as I was demanded to.  His answer to that was to use the legal system to have me evicted from my home and take on my 3 kids as his.  Anything for a payout.

That is a bullshit lie.  For someone who “loves” my children as his “own”.  Sitting in a hospital because he probably got the shit kicked out of him (finally) for running his self-important, crazy, arrogant mouth.

I didn’t jump on board with his SSDI gig of letting him claim my kids, so he got a PFA on me.

Now, I have to pay money to defend myself.  I might sit my ass at a law firm most days of the week, but I don’t get any free legal representation.

I don’t go out and buy escort services and $130k cars.  I pay my bills and raise my children.

And SK just made my life and my childrens life another stressor to overcome.  Money to defend myself and protect my children.

Money I don’t have.  Money that could have gone to my $1,000 electric bill, or money that could have gone to a fucking vacation…you’ve no idea how much we crave a vacation lol.  But we are happy with heat, food, lights and little things like going bowling or a movie.

SK took some of that away because that money will go to my attorney instead to defend against a bullshit PFA.  To defend and protect me, my home, my kids from his lie of a PFA.  A PFA stunt he pulled, in all likelihood to get another big paycheck from SSDI – using my kids.

That’s what he does, he used people and then he hurts them and drops them, leaving everyone else to deal with his mess.

If he didn’t have this bullshit PFA on me, I’d tell him *AGAIN*.  Stay the fuck away from my kids.  This self-induced round of crazy, thanks to over using cough syrup – has him

STILL CONTACTING MY CHILDREN.  Do you really think that after you tried to kill their mother, after you choked her, after they saw the bruises, the broken blood vessels in the eyes and watched their mother hold everyone together while clawing out of the PTSD of the assault and having live ripped apart.

That a fucking tablet will make them jump ship??

That child/parent bond is elusive isn’t it?  I guess my kids have something called security and consistency in life (albeit, I’ve had my share of fuck ups).

I’d tell him to go have his ego stroked by the skank escort.  Leave us alone.  We have all said that.

You had your chance.  This is mine.  This time I’m not letting there be space where you can convince me of doing what is “right” for you.

I’m paying for PFA defense.  Fuck you.

I’ve got support from the local police force I didn’t have before, I’ve got support that the victim advocacy failed at before.

It only takes one person, it only takes one person who has the authority to make legal calls.

That one person told me to hold on, to trust, that my family is a priority – not a padded SSDI check.

It’s never been about the money.  Always the integrity.

I’m going with the integrity.



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