One Down – Two To Go. Happy 18th Kid!

b871d2512d2d1b929d7ed279dfe2d7da--grey-anatomy-quotes-greys-anatomy(1)Time is an extraordinary notion, how quickly it can pass hits you like a train out of fucking nowhere sometimes.

I swear to the powers that be, that just yesterday I was a new mom with a little human I was now responsible to feed, not drop and make sure she made it to adulthood relatively unscathed.

Yesterday, no shit, it really feels like yesterday.

All of a sudden it’s today, 18 years later, and that little baby I gave birth to is now an adult.

For the record, she did make it out of childhood unscathed.  She has all her limbs, I did remember to feed her and I never did drop her.  She’s 1 of 3, she was my child, who I was to raise and hold her childhood sacred.

I did just that, and I did a damn good fucking job.  She will always be my child, but she is now a woman.  I can’t take credit for the woman she is today, I was one of many beautiful people who guided her on her journey of childhood.

She was always her own person, she will always be my baby.  I am proud of who she is, I’m proud of her mistakes and ability to grow from them.  I’m proud of her good.

Somehow time flew by and my baby girl is 18.  Hold your little ones tight, you blink and all of a sudden they are grown.

I am excited to see what this new phase in life will bring her, it’s been one hell of a kick ass ride during childhood.

You are the sun little girl 😉

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