Therapy Homework

Take 2, this was tasked to me last week and I successfully shifted it to the back burner of avoiding.  Therapy is a weekly occurrence, homework undone gets reassigned. I’m supposed to write, hash out the possible reasons.  It isn’t right or wrong, black or white.  I don’t know the answer, but I’ll attempt my … Continue reading Therapy Homework


The Fucking Dog

That’s my complaint of the day, the fucking dog.  He’s a lovely dog, an ugly rescued Pitbull…but that fucking dog. He is particularly needy or I am particularly sensitive to his normal camping at the beach needs any dog may have.  Either way he’s on my last fucking nerve, he’s breathing so therefore he is … Continue reading The Fucking Dog

The Husband Is Butt Hurt I Blog & Mommy Will Wipe His Tears

Mean while in my reality I'm on day two camping and so far I’ve yet to pull fully from the underlying funk that has permeated just being here & he hasn't relapsed, killed me, chopped me into tiny pieces & thrown me into the inlet. Last night a practically low moment where I holed out … Continue reading The Husband Is Butt Hurt I Blog & Mommy Will Wipe His Tears